2015 Spring Colloquium

Addressing Islamophobia: Dispelling Myths to Break Down Barriers 

Host: Penn Charter Kurts Center 
Date: Thursday, April 9th 2015
: 9:30am-11:00am 


Speaker: Amer Ahmed

Amer F. Ahmed was born in Springfield, Ohio, to Indian Muslim immigrants, Amer has dedicated his life to engaging and facilitating diversity across human difference. scholar, intercultural diversity consultant and college administrator. He is also an acclaimed spoken word poet and Hip Hop activist.  His education, world experiences and his Indian-Muslim-American upbringing help him understand the need for respect and dignity of all people.  

His engaging multi-media presentations, which include "Islam: Beyond the Myths, Breaking Down the Barriers," are truly transformative, addressing a range of critical questions that are especially important in the current climate of prejudice and bigotry toward Muslim people in the United States:

 -  What are the tenants of the faith and who are its followers?  

 -  What implications does a lack of knowledge of Islam and Muslims in the United States have on our campuses, in our workplaces and

 -  How do advocates for diversity, social justice and inclusion challenge the dominant narratives about Muslims framed by popular media?

As an undergraduate student at Miami University in Ohio, he studied Anthropology and Black World Studies enhanced by powerful study abroad experiences in South Africa and Nepal. He then went on to Indiana University-Bloomington for his M.A. in Anthropology and African American/African Diaspora Studies.   

Ahmed also does presentations on:
- Hip Hop Interculturalism
- Intercultural Leadership Development
- Utilizing Intercultural and Social Justice Frames to Build Inclusive Student Affairs Practices
- Building Multicultural Student Coalitions
- Hip Hop Education
- Islam and Hip Hop
- Asian American Identity in the Age of Jeremy Lin
- Slum Dog Millionaire vs. Bollywood: Media, Culture and South Asian Identity in the 21st Century

Article extracted from: Speak Out! (Website - http://www.speakoutnow.org/userdata_display.php?modin=50&uid=4337)

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See Amer F. Ahmed's article "Integrating Social Justice into an Intercultural Approach" published in Intercultural Management Quarterly (Page 12)