Haider Hamza - Spring Colloquium

This Iraqi journalist, scholar, and activist lived through the 2003 US-led invasion of his country with his family near Babylon, south of Baghdad. While in Iraq, Hamza covered and witnessed all the major events that took place in his country. 


 A number of factors ultimately led to his decision to separate from his family and move to America and uncover how American people felt about the invasion of his country.  Part of his journey across America was aired on NPR and Showtime’s “This American Life.”  As he tries to heal the wounds of oppression, he is committed today to raising awareness among young people, both here in America and back in the Middle East and sending messages of peace and reconciliation.   

William Penn Charter School on April 8, 2014 

Student Session:  10:00-11:30am
For MCRC Board Schools

Adult Session:  4:00-5:30
Teachers and Parents from all schools are welcome! 

         $30.00 for MCRC member schools; $50.00 for non-member schools

Additional $10.00 for walk-ins

To register for the afternoon session visit the website at www.mcrcenter.org and click on Spring Colloquium.  Registration closes  April 3, 2014.

 William Penn Charter School on April 8, 2014Student Session:  10:00-11:30am – For MCRC Board SchoolsAdult Session:  4:00-5:30 – Teachers and Parents from allschools are welcome!$30.00 for MCRC member schools; $50.00 for non-member schoolsAdditional  $10.00 for walk-ins

William Penn Charter School on April 8, 2014